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        Wild West Cork -  Dare to be Wild
Wild West Cork - Basking Sharks

Wild West Cork -Minke Whales

Wild West Cork - Humpback Whales

Wild West Cork - Short Beaked Common Dolphins

        Wild West Cork -  Lough Hyne
Wild West Cork - Harbour Porpoises
Wild West Cork - Cape Clear
Wild West Cork - The Little Egret
Wild West Cork - Coastal Rowing
Wild West Cork - End of year special
Wild West Cork - Lookback 2017

Wild West Cork - Lookback 2017

Wild West Cork - Lookback 2017

Wild West Cork - February 2018


Situated on Ireland’s South West coast, the region of West Cork is known for it’s rugged beauty and abundant marine life. Fin Whales, Humpbacks, Minke Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises visit Southern Ireland throughout the year, and during the summer period Basking Sharks, the world’s second largest fish, cruise just offshore. Grey and Common Seals breed on the small islands dotted along the coast and migrant birds pass through the region during the spring and autumn migration.

'Wild West Cork' is a series of films, produced by Chris O'Connor, which highlights some of the the region's extraordinary wildlife and offers an insightful and educational experience under the guidance of marine expert and whale watch operator, Dr Nic Slocum.

Each month will see a new film uploaded, starting in January 2017. The first episode will look at the Minke Whale, a regular visitor to the West Cork coastline. 

The latest episode of Wild West Cork examines the growing problem of plastic pollution


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